Edward's current research interests focus on contemporary North Korean politics. His work examines the international and domestic legitimacy of the North Korean nuclear programme. Please do inquire further if you would like Edward to speak about his research at any event.  

SELECTED MEDIA publications

International Relations and Foreign Policy

Time for South Korea to step into the vanguard of US-North Korea nuclear talks - South China Morning Post, March 10 2019

Obstacles to North Korean denuclearisation remain formidable - South China Morning Post, December 9 2018

Who will step up to jump-start talks on North Korean nuclear threat? - South China Morning Post, October 27 2018

Why South Korea needs help reining in the North, despite the promise of a third summit between Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un - South China Morning Post, September 2 2018

DPRK-US dialogue: where things stand NK Pro, August 17 2018

Tensions from Korea spread to London's KoreatownThe Economist, August 9 2018

How Kim Jong-un is schooling Trump in the art of the phantom deal South China Morning Post, July 8 2018

Inter-Korean economic cooperation: more myth than reality? - NK Pro, July 3 2018

Trump-Kim summit was a big deal for the US, North Korea – and China - South China Morning Post, June 18 2018

Mr. Moon goes to Washington: why the South Korean President held talks with TrumpNK Pro, May 24 2018

Why definitions will be crucial for North-South talksThe Interpreter: The Lowy Institute, April 19 2018

Tillerson Is Out But Let's Hope His North Korea Policy Sticks Around The Diplomat, March 14 2018

Should We Believe North Korea Is Willing To Denuclearize?The Diplomat, March 7 2018

Habemus Papam! Why the Pope should say no before Pope Xi takes hold The What & The Why, February 26 2018

The Handshake of History: the Theatre of the Olympics - The What & The Why, February 20 2018

The State of the Union And the State of USA's North Korea Policy The Huffington Post, February 1 2018

One Peninsula, Two Countries: Living with a Nuclear Neighbour - The Huffington Post, December 21 2017

What Can We Learn from North Korea's Latest Missile Launch - The Huffington Post, August 29 2017

Where Do North Koreans Fit Into the West's North Korea Policy? - The Diplomat, March 22 2017 

From Area to Area: The Changing Face of Area Studies - The Oxford University Politics Blog, August 27 2016

Edward is a Contributing Writer for The Economist Intelligence Unit, specialising on North and South Korea. Click here for more information. 



How airports can change how we think of places - New Statesman CityMetric, May 1 2018

Is aerotropolis Songdo really the city of the future? - New Statesman CityMetric, March 8 2018


conference papers and presentations

Oxford University Strategic Studies Group Panelist (together with Bill Emmott & Professor Rosemary Foot) The Kim-Trump Summit: What's at Stake for East Asia & The World? - 8 May 2018, Oxford University, UK

American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting Making Inflexible Citizenship Flexible: South Korean migrants in London, UK - 5-9 April 2017 - Boston, MA